Friday, April 23, 2010

It takes a lot of bravery and gusto to wear a mash up of prints all at once. This is a bravery that I do not have in my personal style but one I can totally appreciate for its value and gosh darn it fashion gusto. I love the result of mixing prints and doing it full stop. Why I have not been able to pull it off my self is a tiny mystery but one that I'm sure boils down to my organized and meticulous desire for perfection (an obscured feat in reality). Yet here I am wishing I can mix prints with abandon. Ah!! There's the rub; do it with abandon! Or, just adhere to guidelines and learn how to make it look like it is done with abandon. I came across this extraordinary article in the New York Times and it has given me hope. Now, let's hope when I attempt to wear a print-tastic mash up, it comes out with full abandon...


(photo credit: David Roemer/New York Times)


  1. El,

    You could pull it off, but you are far more about tone and texture than print. I, however, used to be the print queen and this editorial is making me want to do it again!! I've got my eye on a very loud dress at Freepeople (hoping to get it this weekend) and I am dying to do a mashup of miu miu type prints. I've been buying prints like crazy, but not so much crazy prints. Glamourai is another wonderful inspiration for this :)



  2. I for one have never been too much for a full bodied print. A print with a bold color or maybe even off set by a good stripe, may just be the boldest that I can ever become. Too many prints can get lost on one's person, rather than show off a well-toned physique.


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