A|X Concept Store Launch/V Magazine Event

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A fun time was had last Wednesday afternoon at the Armani Exchange Concept Store Launch and V Magazine Event. I took a quick jaunt over there to the Robertson Blvd. store and enjoyed looking at the new Spring A|X Collection. I also took part in V Magazine's Fall Issue back page photo essay, where event guests were photographed wearing Armani's new aviator shades. Reader's will be allowed to vote on what guest they'd like to see again in a future editorial! Being that I was not only shot for the photo essay but for a number of other shots (the photographer's camera enjoyed my funky style), I think I have a pretty good chance. We'll see. X your fingers!

(photo is of another guest being photo'd against the colorful backdrops installed for the essay, and the extremely stylish DJs in the back)


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