Friday, oh Black Friday (Saks)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Are you really ready for the fashion madness..??

Happy shopping this Black Friday!!

Gratitude (Be Thankful For What You've Got)


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Be Thankful for what you've got--
Infinite creativity, an unconditional and giving heart, youthful optimism, unbounded imagination, an inquisitive nature, a learned mind, healthy vitality, kinetic energy, universal peace, global outreach, eternal gratitude, social cause, inspiring peers, a positive attitude, boundless love, natural intuition, good intentions, divine wisdom, innate style, true faith, shining light, and, most of all, Love.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You!!

Versace for H&M--Rules of Engagement


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The wait for the designer collaboration of the year (the other one) is finally here and to ensure fairness and get the goods in the most hands as nicely as possible, H&M has set up their own rules for shoppers on the day the Versace collection is available for sale in Europe and the US ("Here Are the Rules..."). It all seems so nice but we know the reality of it will play out much differently. As Ian Grove noted (and so succinctly commented on), there are already items up for sale on eBay at double or triple the in-store price!! I see a repeat of the Missoni for Target debacle that followed that collaboration's sale coming to pass for the Versace for H&M collection, sadly, maybe not at the same level of ridiculousness and sheer brazen gall, but there will be some heavy crazy happening. But at the deep heart of it all, I am a fashion collector of the Versace brand (and Missoni, and others as well) and know the intrinsic value of adding to my fashion collection from the house and know what that longevity dictates in the long run. Perhaps because this collection is limited, not only because of its short sale availability but because Donatella Versace carefully edited and streamlined this collection to highlight the aesthetic of the brand, it will be worth getting something to add to my collection. I don't know about early morning cold weather queuing up (not my cuppa) but we shall see...Good Luck and Happy Shopping :)


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