Resort-ing to New Heights


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The recent resort collection presentations have really set a brand new stage for fashion in the marketplace. With the major fashion houses actually paying attention to consumer need (and demand) of having product available in all seasons (and all markets) and presenting resort collections (or transition collections in retail), those of us sartorial minded beings get another whopping dose of fashion. My favorite pieces over the past ten years have all come directly or indirectly from the resort collections. What once was only available for the months before and after the holiday shopping season as "limited" release, Resort has grown to be its own fashion entity. It has become the "preview" of what we'll be wearing in the warmer months, as such, a prelude to Spring. Yet in the disjointed "fashion timeline", these collections are shown after we have had just a short time to process the Spring/Summer collections that are in the current markets. This could lead to fashion confusion or inspiration, depending on how you see it. In all my years in retail, I would always steer my clientèle to invest in Resort pieces as the special additions to their wardrobe because of their "inspiring essence". Resort pieces are different and unique because they merely come out to "play" in the designers' complete oeuvre.  And "playing is what one should be doing in Resort. These collection themselves are rooted in fun and fashion frivolity, but also in an edited and streamlined approach to wardrobing (ie travel clothes). In Resort, you want to be light and carefree. And what could be more fun..?

For a more in-depth and complete report on the Resort collections by the fantastic Cathy Horyn, please click here. There is also multimedia and a slideshow presentation of the collections of note.
Let them inspire you to play...


Men's Fashion Week-Milan : DSquared2


Monday, June 28, 2010

I absolutely love the DSquared2* show, just presented at Men's Fashion Week in Milan.
It's theatrical, modern, and celebrates the return of the well groomed man, albeit as the quintessential  lothario/gigolo/bachelor type, complete with his latest seductive conquests at his side. Unlike the male models of recent seasons, the men cast here in DSquared's show are athletic, coiffed, and tailor made to wear Dan and Dean Caton's modern men's collection. Take notes, because this is how men should and will be dressing next Spring.
(*video courtesy of T Magazine/NYTimes; photo credit: Alberto Pizzoli/Agence France-Presse-Getty Images)

Who's Lovin' Woo?


Sunday, June 27, 2010

I recently attended LA fashion designer Staci Woo’s annual Poolside Event in Santa Monica. Held in a gorgeous private home and its very French yard and pool, I was able to view Staci current collection and shop selected current and previous season’s items at a fantastic 40% discount. There were other specially selected vendors there such as Kai Skincare, handcrafted artisan jewelry, and specialty swim wear, to name just a few. The elegantly catered fare and beautiful surroundings and coastal weather all added to the fun and atmosphere of Woo’s Poolside Event. Private sales such as these are a fantastic and welcomed treat in LA, and really is a very special and intimate way to get to know a brand, and the brains behind it. 
Staci has been in the business for over 15 years, and her line has expanded to include not only womenswear but also childrenswear. Being a Mother herself definitely contributed to her starting a children’s line but her offerings stand out in that they are well tailored, classic, sourced and made with the best materials (much of it organic) and all fit perfectly in the brand’s beach aesthetic. 

I attended the event with Woo’s exclusive model (and my friend) Marie and my sidekick Angela, who both tried on many of the items at the sale. A great time and fabulous goodies were had, and I'm looking forward to the next event, cause I'm lovin' Woo.


Le Roi est Mort


Friday, June 25, 2010

It goes without saying how much I have been influenced by this true icon. He shaped me in his way as a dancer, a musicologist, and a fashion stylist. I am always reminded of the joy he brought to people everywhere and how he touched many lives. His legacy will live on forever, and his influence will be ever reaching, and he is still very much missed.

Vanity Fair just released a fantastic article on his iconic "Thriller" video, please read it here.

Michael Jackson, "In The Closet" music video (featuring supermodel Naomi Campbell); directed by Herb Ritts  (video via MichaelJacksonVevo/YouTube)

Continue to rest and be peaceful...
(photo credit: Arno Bani, via DailyMail UK/EPA)

Focus On: Janelle Monáe


Thanks to the imitable style of R+B's Neo Soul genre, there has been a plethora of artists who have come onto the scene blazing their individuality in spades. Thanks to pioneering female artists, like Jill Scott and India.Arie, showing who you are has never been more in vogue.

There are so many ways we can be sexy and confident. I am not faithful to any of the clothes that the world says I have to wear to be more feminine. Strength and femininity come from me, not my clothes.
-Janelle Monáe

Taking her cue from the Mother of Neo Soul, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monáe* steps proudly and naturally in to her fashion and musical footsteps. Sporting classically contemporary androgynous looks and rocking the funk out of a pompadour, Janelle Monáe takes us on a fashion journey that's all about tailoring. Her favorite look is a menswear inspired three piece and polished oxfords and is perfection in it! 
She matches her sartorial daring to her music, which is also funky, androgynous, contemporary, and tailored to her own aural story: playing a persona who comes from the 24th Century sent back to our time to bring musical/spiritual awareness to help save Humanity via an android, all to lift our spirits to higher heights. 

Where Erykah is Earth Mother, Janelle is Future Cosmos Daughter and can easily be the other side of the same coin. Take a look at her fantastic and stylish short film, "Many Moons" and the equally sartorial music video for "Tightrope" to get a taste for yourself. Both videos are a sartorial examination of uniqueness in a collective aesthetic. 
And its downright pure funk.  Now that's what's feeling and looking good is all about.

(photo credit: Marc Baptiste/D.R. Mgmt/ 944 Magazine)
*please read the 944 Magazine article by clicking on Janelle's name above

White Out-Summer 2010


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I can’t escape the lure and appeal of wearing all white in the heat of the summer months. To me it is fresh, clean, crisp, and just exudes the coolness the warmth of summer weather needs to temper it. And from what the greater fashion populace has been relaying to the masses, the same sentiment exists. Why not take your cue now and get into the great White Out.

Here are some key tips to remember:
  • Be mindful of your fabric choices in summer. Stay in the naturals: linen and light weight cotton are pretty much the tried and true staples of the season.
  • Pairing colors with white will heavily stand out. Try just a tiny pop, as in a skinny belt or scarf, or keep it off the body and wear your color in your hair or as your bag
  • Carry a Tide bleach pen and baby wipes in your bag with you for “slips and giggles”
  • Don’t be afraid to show some skin with your white. Utilize nature’s contrast of playing your skin tone against the pale clothing canvas.
  • Really play up your jewelry. This summer, go for the gold (necklace, bangle, bracelet, earrings)
 Check out these celebrity girls in summer's LWD (via InStyle's The Look) to get an idea.

Go outside in the summer sun and enjoy the white rays, and feel good.

 (photo: Prada S/S 2010, courtesy UK)

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