Sunday, September 23, 2007

"I Love It!"

When I am styling someone, I may, by sheer excitement or sheer ecstasy or a true combination of both, will say "I Love It!" when I see an outfit or look come together. This is truly an exclamation of joy and elation more than flattery. I really feel the synthesis of bring clothes together and seeing the happiness and confidence on a client's face when the really know that they look GREAT. Its because the not only look great but the FEEL great. I love being the person who brings them to this conscious awareness, gifting them this, as it were. Perhaps, actually, showing them what I see, sense, know, and feel that they possess inside of them all along.
I try to stress this sensibility in other stylists or retailers when it comes to the talk of our business. I call it what it is: Love. And its true, you can't love everyone nor can everyone love you BUT we in this business should LOVE what we DO and it is very disheartening when I come across someone who has lost this love and/or is in it for not this reason.

You can trust in this: I Love It!
I Love It because it is me, it is art, it is passion, it is appearance, it is confidence, it is you, it is fun, it is real, it is fashion...


Finally Fall


The chill is now ever present in the evening air. We've had our season's first (and hopefully many) rains. I am wearing boots and have transitioned my closet, part one. I'm very excited now because it is Fall. And that means being able 2 bring out the big fashion guns and really dressing.
Layers. Chunky knits. Cashmere. Boots.
Spring may be eternal, but Fall is seriousy chic!!!
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