The Icon Inspiration Series

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Influence is all around us. It is there even if we don't look for it. It is natural for us to see in ourselves what influences and inspires us in all the areas of our lives. I have been taking a very examined look at what inspires and influences me and have come to a very deep appreciation for these inspirations. I feel that without them, I would not be as attuned and tapped in to my Creativity.

I am beginning an honor series called "The Icon Inspiration Series". Simply put, it is a dedicated space for the people, places, objects, and other things that Inspire and Influence me and my Creativity.
I hope that these things that ignite my passion and creativity will do the same for you, in their own supremely wise and magical way. Because really, we look to things that mirror in us what is good in feeling, and in how we look at ourselves and our world. And that's positively inspiring.


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