Commuter Chic (3)


Monday, December 28, 2009

This young stylish girl in Beverly Hills caught my fashion eye because I love her fitted plaid blazer ( a new item obsession of mine as of late) and her retro clear tote bag. I also just adore her cropped black pants paired with simple ballet flats.

Mall Rats


Saturday, December 26, 2009

These three girls stopped and posed for my picture taker while cruising around Glendale Galleria on assignment. Love the Burberry cape on the left, and the vintage gold button jacket on the right (her Mom's no doubt). And yes, the chain straps on the purses are from Chanel bags (again, Mom's no doubt). Only in Glendale! Thanks ladies-stay the fierce youthquake fashionistas that you are!!

Happy Holidays


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Many wishes of good tidings and joy, warmth, cherished moments with friends and family, and Happy Holidays!


Glendale GaGa in a Lush Life


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It is always a real treat to go into one of my favorite beauty brand stores and check out the latest goodies to be had. It is even better when you get to have a real laugh while you are getting your "shop" on.
This afternoon I stopped in to Lush ( ) to pick up a few holiday bath bombs for myself. I didn't expect to get the laugh of the week as well. Check it:
Salesperson: O-M-G! You're in a very Gaga outfit! She'd wear something like it!"
Me: "oh, um, thanks. I had to leave my poker face at home"
Salesperson : "you have to sometimes.."
Me: (smile)
I wasn't wearing anything I'd remotely describe as "Lady Gaga".
I was in black denim Current Elliot leggings, red Theory long sleeve tee shirt worn under a TwentyTwelve Sienna Miller Union Jack print tunic, a camel J Crew cashmere shrunken blazer, and black leather Prada boots (see pic).
Everything was simple and fun. Nothing theatrical, high drama, presentational. I was wearing pants (ok leggings). I had on no headgear. There was no burning piano anywhere in sight (see other pic by Mario Sorrenti from the book "Another Fashion Book", which is decidedly "Gaga" and something she would definitely wear).
The only thing Gaga about it was my bold style, exuberance, and undeniable fey-ness. I was in fact in LA urban suburbia better known as Glendale. At the "normal" mall, The Galleria. Buying bath products from an equally fey urban compatriot. It was an acknowledgement of our fierce individuality and stance against non-conformity.
It is the laugh of the week.

Its nice to know that no matter where you go, as long as you be yourself, and feel good and look good in style, you spread laughter and joy.
Now THAT'S good!


Commuter Chic (2)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another stylish young woman, this time spotted in my neighborhood commuting to Silverlake. I adore the entire look: fitted black leather jacket, full short ivory skirt, black tights, and vintage strappy wedge sandals. Her small handbag (not shown) complimented the color of her shoes but was just as unique and vintage inspired. She also worn vintage style eyeglasses that complimented her great hairstyle. Totes loves that her jacket collar is popped as well!

"Sex and the City 2" Official Trailer


I can't help it, I'm excited for the next installment of the movie series of "Sex and the City"! Here is the trailer, just in time for the holidays, just in time 2 get u excited 4 next Spring. Get "Carried" away!

Fawning over Fanning


Monday, December 14, 2009

I came across this photo and article on Dakota Fanning in Teen Vogue and was very much struck by it. Written in conjunction with the "Twilight" movie craze "New Moon", in which she is starring in, I found the fashion editorial very lovely and the accompanying article nice. I love that she is set to portray Cherie Currie, of the Runaways! Oh my, "Cherry Bomb"!!! I know she will bring that *something* to it, as she has done so far in the various projects of her early career. I was talking with one of my screenwriter clients and she and I both agree that Dakota is this generation's Jodie Foster, meaning: she is smart, focused, wiser than her young years, and is making choices for her career that ensure longevity as opposed to instant status. And I know from personal account, that she lives and loves with an honest and caring spirit, taking part in many volunteer and charitable activities. Now, thats good!
Please check it out and get started fawning over Fanning:

The dress she is wearing in the pic is Rodarte for Target, one of the most highly anticipated Target designer collaborations/launches to date. It is truly going to be exciting (and very coveted) to land my hands on any of the items that Rodarte has created for their Target launch. Who doesn't want to score a piece of fashion joy in the shape of deconstructed wool cardigans, sheer body concious dresses, or fun takes on American sportswear, like the cheetah print dress on Dakota? I know I do, just for history's sake!
[photo: Teen]

Commuter Guy


UPDATE: 12/23/2009

I had a nice meet and greet and a pleasant chat with my second entry and first guy in the "Commuter" series on a recent trip into Beverly Hills. I had the pleasure to meet Jeremy and snap this new pic. He is wearing a more business/professional look. I like how he is in dark charcoal but opted to inject color by choosing a burgundy shirt and topping it off with a great neutral ivory coat. Again, proving his keen style and sense and personality. Take a peek.
It was my pleasure to meet you, and here is to seeing you again very soon!

The second entry in my "Commuter" series is this very stylish guy I have seen a few times. He is always in something distinctly his own but is always classic. He tends to favor more "prep" looks but I have seen him don a full suit as well. Today he is definitely more casually dressed. I love his sneakers today: vintage Adidas! He is very smartly appointed as well, donning some of the best sunglasses I have seen around! He always catches my fashion eye beause he is keen on dressing in a way that expresses who he is, adds just a enough of a whim of trendiness and hipster cred, and always wears clothing that fits his frame and build and that is comfortable. He wears it well! I will try and snap another pic of him in another look very soon, so keep your eye out for it. Enjoy!

Butter'd Up


Saturday, November 14, 2009

If its not fashion at the forefront, then I'd have to say that its beauty in the lead as the most fretted about subject in Los Angeles. You can't throw a rock and not hit a plastic surgeons office or salon anywhere here...with that said, it brings me back into focus on my own beauty regimen. For years I have been a skincare junkie, taking many different routes to keeping my skin looking and feeling youthful. I have tried various different concoctions, from plain old soap n water (drying), to all Chanel skincare (lavish and luxe but too rich for my skin), to my current routine. It is based on using products of the most natural and pure ingredients or from lines in which they cull their ingredients from nature. And of course, human and animal cruelty-free. The products I use now I also wanted to have mutli-tasking functions as well. I have found that the less products I use, the better my skin is, and my well being. Find your regimen and stick to it. This is key; if you keep switching things up, your skin will get confused and show you just how (this is called acne)! And the two most important things in my regimen: rest and lots of water!!

Cleanser- Ole Henriksen oily skin cleansing gel
Tonic-Ole Henriksen grease relief tonic
Moisturizer- the roots 100% pure shea butter
Masque- Aztec Secret indian healing clay
Shave- MOP Leave-In Conditioner

Cleanser- Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash
Shave-MOP Leave-In Conditioner
Natural Sea Sponge and/or Yerba body brush
Moisturizer- the roots 100% pure shea butter

Shampoo- Kerastase
Conditioner- Nature's Gate Herbal Conditioner
Styling- my own mix (Nature's Gate Herbal Conditioner mixed with Paul Mitchell Styling Glaze, quarter size amount daily)

Further product information:
Ole Henriksen
the roots
Nature's Gate
Paul Mitchell


The Ultimate Suit


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ever since I saw the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2009 RTW show (alas, not in person but via video pod cast) I was struck by the sheer ingenuity and futuristic expression of the silk and cashmere geometric print body suit. My jaw dropped. I was struck by awe. It spoke volumes-both retro (print) and future (fabrication) time line straddling, the ultimate in body consciousness, sleek feline expressionism (who else better comes to mind but Catwoman)- this hot ticket item was/is perfect in pushing th Chanel brand into a new stratosphere. What also struck an interesting chord with me was "who is the Chanel client that would wear this body suit?" I'm sure she's not the classic older woman (the one who could afford the price tag). Perhaps her daughter? No kids, I think its her grand daughter! How genius actually. The body suit, with its strong aesthetic, really does cross all the age lines. I could definitely picture Betty Catroux wearing this (mixed with her YSL staples), or Ivana Trump (languishing around her apartment), or Rihanna (rocking the body suit on stage). We leave the target and its message to the designer himself. Lagerfeld clearly visualized his Chanel woman in this great look (perhaps this came to him in a dream?): she is timeless, she is fierce, she is chic, she is Chanel, she is woman.
[photo credit:]

Commuter Chic


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Only in an urban city can you spot real, living fashion in movement.
I spotted this very chic young woman today on the Rapid bus in Los Angeles. I absolutely love the pop color (and collar) of her leather jacket, her accessories (bangles galore), shredded denim, and her high ponytail.
Check her chic out and enjoy!!

Good Inside


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Perhaps it is the nature of the fashion/stylist business, or its deeper than that itself (human nature), but I know that there is heavy attention paid to how you look outside then how you feel inside. I for one am the last person to talk about this as it is, after all, my job to make someone look good more than anything else. Yet my apporach with every client, and every person, I encounter is to make them feel good-both inside and out. I find this to be very important (heck, its in my moniker). Feeling is an expression of many many things. More than emotion, it is an expression of your Soul, of your Self. This expression is what, I feel, makes us human. It is born of/from Creativity, which is vast and ever present. Look around you-Creativity is everywhere. You reading this now is a result of Creativity just as much as it is a result of me writing this because of Creativity. Delve into this feeling because it is good. Find what makes you create and do it. When you do, it makes you feel good inside. And that shows on the outside, definitely!!




Friday, October 23, 2009

I was lucky enough to spend the evening last night with one of my crushes, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, at her show at the El Rey. I have loved her music and energy since she came onto the scene in the 90's. Her fashion style is simple and utilitarian, and veers toward what is comfortable for her (and her soul I gather). Last night she had me crushing even more because she was wearing a pair of Repetto leather lace up shoes, my current shoe obsession. Loved how she rocked it with cuffed black jeans, black tee, and black shrunken blazer!!

I have a new crush: Jack from the Neo Soul/Electro Band J*Davey! Why? Because fly girl had the fashion guts 2 wear a sheer silk vintage 80's bodysuit (w/shoulder pads) and a black silk teddy underneath and steal my fashion heart! The multi-looped strand of pearls were also perfect, and at the end of the show she shucked them off and twirled them 'round the air and made her exit.

Please check out this great band and keep your eye on her-she's the newness on the scene!!


Under Construction


Friday, September 11, 2009

The hiatus is over!

Please check back in the next few days as this blog will be updated and enhanced and go live once again.

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