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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Further on the discussion on Generation S, I found a very interesting article right here which gives insightful information and commentary on one of my favorite fashion topics of late. I found the comments to be of particular interest, as they come from luxury brands and designers and voices their ideas about this growing front in the industry.

My position seems to be evolving even more. I still feel that what is ecological and sustainable stems from both the kind/quality/grade of raw material used in production and how that material is manufactured and under what conditions. Could it be said that if you only cared about one aspect my statement above that you are in fact being eco-conscious or do both factors have to indeed be in play? Is it Gen S to be into just organics and not care about how its made or vice versa? Is it also Gen S to just patron organic shops/grocers/products and not have to be completely aware of their ethics and practices?
I paid a visit to one of my new favorite local shops, Whole Foods Lifestyle to check out their newest merchandise and peruse the sale racks. I like that this store is focused on eco-fashion and eco-lifestyle goods and that they have researched who they stock, making sure the companies and brands they market and sell are practicing holistically ecological and sustainable motives. I can rest easier knowing that what I'm  buying fits within my own personal guidelines of being Gen S, and fits within the guidelines of the larger Gen S community.
On the flip side, I came across this article on mega-retail giant Forever 21. I was appalled and frankly ashamed at having ever stepped in to that store and indulged my quick trendy fix there; it was like sticking a knife into my Gen S heart and pulling it out slowly. I had to share this with a good friend of mine who has come to make quite a statement in doing high-low outfits using mainly Forever 21 items (and very good at it too btw). She was also very appalled and flabbergasted at their actions.
She and I will be picketing area Forever 21's and boycotting them until their practices change. Feel free to join us, coming soon...
We'll be there, all in the name of Gen S, creating a new string...in feeling good.



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