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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Beam Shines On

it doesn't matter the time, incident, or place because Love will always be present and will always heal.
time is irrelevant and has no bearing when it comes to loss or pain or strife because Love will come in and will always heal. life ebbs and flows and continues on because Love will always be present and will always heal. it is a gun with a beam of Divine Lovelight and it shines on. Forever.

I point it at you, at me, at the world, at the Universe. I point the Beam of Love.


The following is an entry written in my personal digital journal on September 2, 2005 in response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. After reading it again recently, I felt its message still resonating, in light of the recent events in Haiti, and it also inspired the post above. I hope this will enact your own energy wave of Love and that you shine it in your life continuously.



I was listening 2 NPR last evening, of all the reports of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and it pains me 2 hear about the loss, the violence, the displacement, the sadness, the destruction of property and personal lives. All the news of violence and pillaging and turmoil saddens me. People should be showing good will, not ill will 2ward each other. Survivalism is one thing but egregious, malicious violence and harm is another and has no place in the Gulf Region right now. Fear and loss is bringing out the darkness in many people down there.
I began 2 cry. I cried because I could feel, empathically, all the emotions coming from that region and the affect this act of nature has on the people there, and, all of us. I could smell the wretch of death that is permeating the cavernous streets of
New Orleans. I could see in my mind's eye corpses strewn along the streets and floating in waist high water. I could feel the sickness swimming in the contaminated waters that fill the city like a bowl of rot soup. I can hear the cries of help, the cries 4 food and baby formula, 4 loss children and beloved animals. I can sense the urgency 2 escape and go somewhere else, somewhere that feels safe. I cried tears that begged 2 be released, salty, singing tears that signaled change and progress 2ward compassion and sympathy and, above all things love.
Hurricane Katrina was a signal from Mother Earth 2 begin 2 love each other right here, now, from the heart, unconditioned. Love each other on the same level, the same wavelength, with the same/equal passion and fullness.
Love is needed now.
In your meditations and prayers, send a vibrant energywave of love 2 those who need it there in the Gulf region. Send a bright beam of love 2 foster healing, 2 create a place that can once again be called Home.

Thank you for allowing me to share and shine my wave with you. That's good...


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