Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm officially on the wagon now: I just can't get enough of Tavi.
Who would have ever believed that a pre-teen would be the darling of the fashion world and embraced by the fashion cognoscenti? Well, believe it. I'm not surprised in all actuality. Think about it: Tavi is a true ingenue. She evokes an innocence and an expertise in her fashion reviews and commentary. Her voice belies her age and her frame. It bellows and roars and is filed with genuine insight. She is, I believe, one of those "Rainbow Children" New Age spiritualists talk about. Of course, the fashion designers and editors and movers and shakers recognize her talents and she is being (justly) rewarded.

Check this article out (via Fashionista.com): http://fashionista.com/2009/12/tavi_pens_a_column_for_bazaar.php

If she can garner coveted gigs like the Bazaar editorial now, just wait until after she graduates high school. Heck, college. She will be a true fashion force.


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