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Friday, January 15, 2010

I came across this interesting article/mention at

It left an impression on me and I had to comment; please indulge me for just a moment--

The time has come when old media starts to close the gap and begins to embrace new media, and its bright stars. Vogue takes a leap and will feature seven fashion bloggers in an upcoming issue. The chosen seven bloggers are still being speculated as to who they are and bandied about why they are the first to be given the fashion anointment from Vogue. I really don't think it matters who the final choices are nor does it matter that they are being featured for various (supposedly opinionated) reasons. What matters is this embrace by the venerated glossy print magazine to online content and the (countless) creators of fashion.

New media is inescapable and it is how most everyone is getting their information. Fashion bloggers take their point of view and apply it to the internet. They take their personal view of the world of fashion and report on that. They take the view of the fashion world and report it to the masses of the internet world. They expand their world a thousand fold in a matter of seconds. Its reach is vast and instant and indelible. Is it permanent? Yes, in a way. Is it collectible? Perhaps not in the same sense as saving back issues of Vogue for future reference and inspiration. It is collectible for its immediacy. That is the child of new media and our modern world: instant gratification and constantly evolved news and ideas.

I follow a very eclectic group of fashion bloggers. Some of them are of the speculated Anointed Seven. Many of them are not. I follow them for the simple fact that I enjoy looking at their world with their eyes and seeing what they see. I love how my favorite bloggers color the world and help me paint mine in a more individual way. I like how I have been able to open up to ideas that I might have been countered against because I've seen it thru someone else. It is this expansion of ideas that keeps me coming back. It is this conversation that keeps me engaged. I have become an ardent fan and want to be a part of my bloggers worlds. I simply want to participate.

I began blogging to just put my thoughts out into the stratosphere, to openly discuss the events, ideas, and situations that would arise in my professional and personal life. Like the ever-changing shifts in my life, my blog does the same. Rooted in fashion and style, it really is a lifestyle blog, a discussion on how I see the beautifully fashionable world I truly live in, that we all live in, no matter where in the world it is.

Blogging, at its heart, is simply about the writer/bloggers world around them. The blog a living journal, an outlet that has its own life teeming with experience, thought, folly, happiness, individuality, and style. As long as this individual touch exists in blogging, the new media form will continue to thrive. The human content, this element, is the life that breathes through blogging. And this new media has a life that is going to continue for a very long time. It is at the innovation stage and all media outlets are following. From television, music, and film, all the way to business, sports and news, web bloggers are on the cusp of the newest new. With “establishment” media like Vogue taking notice and giving recognition, it is not long before the bridge between old and new media becomes a permanent and ever-lasting one.

And that’s good.

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