Versace's Edge and Glory lives on in "Edge of Glory"

Monday, June 27, 2011

For me, there is no denying my fascination and attraction to Lady Gaga's second release from her recent "Born This Way" album: it's the vintage Versace she wears in this sparse and down-played and "retro" feeling music video for "Edge of Glory". And to know that Donatella Versace opened up the house archives and has allowed Lady Gaga to use actual pieces from them is amazing. This, mixed with the recent news of Versace's H&M collaboration in which Donatella will re-interpret archived pieces in it, and the loaning of archived pieces for Gaga's promotional outings as well really does have me wondering if there is going to be a larger, direct release of archival items through the luxury brand's outposts or even an artistic exhibition coming soon (I believe its looong overdue). Yes, please, and may it be so!
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