"Brothers of Arcadia"--a short film presented by Mugler Menswear

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nicola Formichetti brings his bad-ass-ness back and this time its for the guys. Combining myth, legend, and lore and titillating imagery, Mugler Menswear brings us "Brothers of Arcadia" a provocative conceptualization for Spring 2012. Formichetti says about the film:

 “I was interested in the idea of fantasy, dreams and voyeurism. I was looking at Italian Neo-Realist cinema and then, post-that, where Fellini and Pasolini become more about myth and fantasy. At the same time, I loved the idea and accessibility of pornography and everyday voyeurism on Xtube. Fashion is always referencing pornography, so there was an element in doing this film of just ‘cutting out the middleman,’ but it is an erotic fashion film nonetheless.”

Call it what you will--guerilla marketing or digital art or cinema sexualite--one thing is for sure, you have our attention Mr. Formichetti. The film, to me, is a moving and lyrical fashion ballet of sorts, moving its way from classic beauty to our new hyper-ideal of it. Its varied references of "Caligula", Madonna's art book "Sex", vintage homoerotica, and 1990's underground/downtown/club fantasy world all come together in an interesting and definitely provocative way. It pushes an envelope without losing the focus on its focus: Mugler Menswear (albeit without showing much of the collection itself). Instead, the ideals and essence of the collection is showcased. And its not really about sex, its about the sensuality of style, in my opinion. See for yourself and enjoy.

"Brothers of Arcadia", a film by Branislav Jankic presented by Nicola Formichetti/Mugler Menswear
(video via New York Magazine)

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