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Monday, December 14, 2009

UPDATE: 12/23/2009

I had a nice meet and greet and a pleasant chat with my second entry and first guy in the "Commuter" series on a recent trip into Beverly Hills. I had the pleasure to meet Jeremy and snap this new pic. He is wearing a more business/professional look. I like how he is in dark charcoal but opted to inject color by choosing a burgundy shirt and topping it off with a great neutral ivory coat. Again, proving his keen style and sense and personality. Take a peek.
It was my pleasure to meet you, and here is to seeing you again very soon!

The second entry in my "Commuter" series is this very stylish guy I have seen a few times. He is always in something distinctly his own but is always classic. He tends to favor more "prep" looks but I have seen him don a full suit as well. Today he is definitely more casually dressed. I love his sneakers today: vintage Adidas! He is very smartly appointed as well, donning some of the best sunglasses I have seen around! He always catches my fashion eye beause he is keen on dressing in a way that expresses who he is, adds just a enough of a whim of trendiness and hipster cred, and always wears clothing that fits his frame and build and that is comfortable. He wears it well! I will try and snap another pic of him in another look very soon, so keep your eye out for it. Enjoy!


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