Good Inside

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Perhaps it is the nature of the fashion/stylist business, or its deeper than that itself (human nature), but I know that there is heavy attention paid to how you look outside then how you feel inside. I for one am the last person to talk about this as it is, after all, my job to make someone look good more than anything else. Yet my apporach with every client, and every person, I encounter is to make them feel good-both inside and out. I find this to be very important (heck, its in my moniker). Feeling is an expression of many many things. More than emotion, it is an expression of your Soul, of your Self. This expression is what, I feel, makes us human. It is born of/from Creativity, which is vast and ever present. Look around you-Creativity is everywhere. You reading this now is a result of Creativity just as much as it is a result of me writing this because of Creativity. Delve into this feeling because it is good. Find what makes you create and do it. When you do, it makes you feel good inside. And that shows on the outside, definitely!!



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