Glendale GaGa in a Lush Life

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It is always a real treat to go into one of my favorite beauty brand stores and check out the latest goodies to be had. It is even better when you get to have a real laugh while you are getting your "shop" on.
This afternoon I stopped in to Lush ( ) to pick up a few holiday bath bombs for myself. I didn't expect to get the laugh of the week as well. Check it:
Salesperson: O-M-G! You're in a very Gaga outfit! She'd wear something like it!"
Me: "oh, um, thanks. I had to leave my poker face at home"
Salesperson : "you have to sometimes.."
Me: (smile)
I wasn't wearing anything I'd remotely describe as "Lady Gaga".
I was in black denim Current Elliot leggings, red Theory long sleeve tee shirt worn under a TwentyTwelve Sienna Miller Union Jack print tunic, a camel J Crew cashmere shrunken blazer, and black leather Prada boots (see pic).
Everything was simple and fun. Nothing theatrical, high drama, presentational. I was wearing pants (ok leggings). I had on no headgear. There was no burning piano anywhere in sight (see other pic by Mario Sorrenti from the book "Another Fashion Book", which is decidedly "Gaga" and something she would definitely wear).
The only thing Gaga about it was my bold style, exuberance, and undeniable fey-ness. I was in fact in LA urban suburbia better known as Glendale. At the "normal" mall, The Galleria. Buying bath products from an equally fey urban compatriot. It was an acknowledgement of our fierce individuality and stance against non-conformity.
It is the laugh of the week.

Its nice to know that no matter where you go, as long as you be yourself, and feel good and look good in style, you spread laughter and joy.
Now THAT'S good!



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