Video: Cathy Horyn's Spring 2012 Report NY

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ms. Horyn's astute observations of the emerging trends from New York Fashion Week

Her analysis of the trends are of course succinct and spot-on, and I completely agree with her on the three trends that she mentions but I feel that "soft silhouettes" are a trend unto themselves, which I think we will see throughout the presentations in the coming weeks as a counter balance to the "sport" trend that is emerging. I think that when we get to Milan, the "sport" trend may die down, as by now the Italians have been doing "sport" but with severe sophistication that no one else has been able to master as well. The new "soft silhouette" I feel will hit its peak in Paris, where I see this trend really taking hold and being executed par excellence there. The jacket has never really gone away and it is definitely stronger than ever. I think in London we will see the real style and proper execution of the jacket come full tilt, as tailoring is the strongest point of London and no better place for the jacket to be down perfectly but, in Tokyo the art of the jacket will be seen.

 Enjoy the video and I'm looking forward to London Fashion Week this week.
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