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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bill Cunningham, the original street style photographer who has worked for the New York Times for as long as anyone can remember, now does very irreverent and pitch-perfect video montages of his photos of stylish citizens of New York for the publication, and are one of my favorite things to watch one the Times website. I came across two great videos which seem to have captured my visual sense of style today in two very distinct ways for me: the ultra-feminine and perhaps the last bastion of gender-specific clothing, the Dress, makes its big appearance (again) at NY Fashion Week, AND, the direct influence of menswear/womenswear towards androgynous dressing, or, in my opinion, "dressing for You".

Enjoy these great video montages and the wonderful commentary of Mr. Cunningham:
"Fashion Week: Fantasy or Reality?"
The influence of menswear on womenswear, or is it the other way around? I think we have really reached the apex of "dressing for You". Look at how interchangeable it really truly is nowadays: men carry handbags/purses and wear color, and women are re-drawn to tailoring and wearing brogues better than ever.

"Zip It"
The return of the dress, in a big way, has not only transcended the runways but the closets of women everywhere. The "one-piece" does what it does without any other aplomb. It is stylishly simple and complete and the smartest move to make now.



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