The Fur Flies

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beginning as a trend in accessories during the Spring collections (and spearheaded by the irreverent Miucca Prada), fur has come full circle and full blown as an actual fact in fashion this Fall. For the past month I have been attending fall collection previews and the overwhelming trend is fur. This season, I have seen the gamut of fur: from good, expensive choices by Fendi to the horribly cheap looking faux by Rachel Zoe to the many grades in between. Every designer at every price point has some sort of fur to offer, real (mostly) or faux. I don't know why this trend has gone as big as it has but its seriously here to stay, at least for this season. My own personal feeling about it is strongly mixed. I can see how wearing a great mink fur chubby or rabbit vest can add posh and polish and season-centric fabulousness to your ensemble, but the ethics of the fur industry seem to creep up in my consciousness. Yet when I think about the choice of faux fur out there to alleviate this conundrum, I still just can't contemplate going through with choosing fur to top off my Fall look.
So what's a conscious fashionista to do? With fur going big this Fall, it really does mean that you have more choice. Look for quality, investigate how the fur is cultivated (cruelty-free is key), if vintage/recycled fur is the way you want to go, or if diving into the trend this season at all is for you. Explore your options, really.
model wearing an Oscar de la Renta fox fur vest
model wearing a Stella McCartney faux fur/3D knit  wool /cashmere vest
This came to me twice. While at the Oscar de la Renta Fur preview, out walked a model in the most fantastic looking fox fur I have ever seen, in a sumptuous color and hand that made me want to jump into the trend right then, ethical conundrum and all. In counter balance the following week while at the Stella McCartney Fall preview, where, not to miss out on the trend yet still offer a sustainable, responsible choice to her customers, presents a wonderfully woolly, raw, and chubby "fur" sweater as an alternative to this whole trend but is perfectly spot-on. It's furry and warm and cozy and says "fall" better than fur, in my opinion. And right there in that moment, the fur flies...for me.

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