Real Boys wear Pink

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jenna Lyons and her son Beckitt
(photo via Huffington Post)
Congratulations for being an open minded and forwardly progressive and, downright creative human Ms. Jenna Lyons, by encouraging free play and creativity in your son by letting him wear pink nails. And painting them yourself. Thank you for fostering individuality, creativity, and fearlessness in him and by doing what comes naturally to children and letting him play and explore. In pink nails. In yellow nails. In striped and bejewelled nails. In natural nails. In his own skin, in his own way, in his own expression.

Thank you,
--from a child who was encouraged by a lovingly open mother and who has grown into a fantastically swell and creative, confident, adult human being not afraid to wear color.

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  1. I love this woman! She i the parent I want to be!

  2. She really is a fantastic individual. I'm proud to know her and to have called her my boss for five years. She was always so warm, approachable,collaborative, and a true business visionary. It is no wonder that she is a dynamic mother and is showing the world thats its right to be open and supportive and, dare I say, progressive.


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