Cover Commando: Prada Spring 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's no wonder Prada can command the presence of a major fashion magazine cover because, in every sense of the word, Miuccia Prada can make even burlap the height of fashion, because she is this generation's fashion style savant. Collection after collection comes out in stellar form, devoid of pretense and full of promise and, no doubt style. The Spring 2011 Collection continues to fuel the Prada machine, landing what could be a record number of covers, 48 and counting. Aside from the sheer number, I think we need to examine what the point is being made here by fashion, Prada, and pop culture right now. To me, I feel that this may be the point, or, rather, my interpretation of it (suffice it to say this all comes from viewing a collection with a certain eye and a certain psychology, and gosh-darn-it a "I covet that" desire):
"Avenuel" Magazine
(photo via

1. I hope its not lost on the masses the true appeal and fun of colorful dressing
2. shows that stylists do in fact share a collective thought-sense with a common vision of moving a fashion consciousness into the public stream of style development
3. injects whimsy and lightens our mood and approach to Spring dressing
4. everyone gets that its fun to get dressed always (and again).
5. Miuccia has a damn good PR firm spinning the wheels
6. start wearing more color NOW

I was telling someone just today that I could be getting close to being over seeing this collection all over the place but honestly I was just projecting how I am over wearing dark colors. Seeing the Spring collection all over the place is perhaps just the reminder that we all need to break free of the dark and step into the color and the bright...


Prada’s Spring Collection Lands 48 Covers (Way More Than We Originally Counted) – Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, Designers, Runway Shows, Style Advice
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