Resort-ing to New Heights

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The recent resort collection presentations have really set a brand new stage for fashion in the marketplace. With the major fashion houses actually paying attention to consumer need (and demand) of having product available in all seasons (and all markets) and presenting resort collections (or transition collections in retail), those of us sartorial minded beings get another whopping dose of fashion. My favorite pieces over the past ten years have all come directly or indirectly from the resort collections. What once was only available for the months before and after the holiday shopping season as "limited" release, Resort has grown to be its own fashion entity. It has become the "preview" of what we'll be wearing in the warmer months, as such, a prelude to Spring. Yet in the disjointed "fashion timeline", these collections are shown after we have had just a short time to process the Spring/Summer collections that are in the current markets. This could lead to fashion confusion or inspiration, depending on how you see it. In all my years in retail, I would always steer my clientèle to invest in Resort pieces as the special additions to their wardrobe because of their "inspiring essence". Resort pieces are different and unique because they merely come out to "play" in the designers' complete oeuvre.  And "playing is what one should be doing in Resort. These collection themselves are rooted in fun and fashion frivolity, but also in an edited and streamlined approach to wardrobing (ie travel clothes). In Resort, you want to be light and carefree. And what could be more fun..?

For a more in-depth and complete report on the Resort collections by the fantastic Cathy Horyn, please click here. There is also multimedia and a slideshow presentation of the collections of note.
Let them inspire you to play...



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