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Friday, July 2, 2010

Yesterday marked the first day that Lola Leon, Madonna's prodigious young daughter, publicly blogged. As fantastic as this feat is, this is just a "quiet" announcement of her official arrival, in her own voice. I know for sure that this not the first or last that we will hear from Lola, but also that we all need to gird ourselves for her sartorial onslaught. As creative director of the Material Girl line, she's the hands and brains behind how Madonna's fashion foray captures us. And with the Mother of Reinvention as your Mom, there is no end to the source from which she gets to pull her style knowledge from. Just looking at her first post and her inspiration board for the collection, its evident what influences her (and us for quite some time) and what will drive the look and feel of Material Girl. As cute and kitschy as the line appears to be, I am interested in watching it develop and change form, like its young director will. Young. Fresh. Vibrant. Sounds like the future...
Welcome Lola, to the Fashion "Blognoscenti".

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