Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I saw someone wearing the very same trench coat that I was this morning and it got me thinking about the saturation of great sartorial ideas in the market, and how it finally and actually trickles down to the masses. I began thinking of how this very different person could be wearing the exact same trench as mine, the one I wear with love to death. I began thinking of how, just the other day, I spied another person, very different in many ways, wearing an entire outift almost indentical to mine (different choices but same stylistic layout) and how *that* sartorial situation could have come to pass. I began questioning just how individual is my visual presentation, fashionably speaking. How does another person with a different life be attracted to similar fashion choices and keep their personal expression intact?
I think that fashion as an entire presentation is really a jovial carnival of choices. We get to ride on the ferris wheel of fashion and pick and choose when we want to get on or off, and to which heights we want to go. We also get to choose how we want to take these choices and present them to the world.  The whole carnival gets its joy from the revelry of its hall of mirrors, because at its center, fashion is visual, and it thrives on this point and grows and transforms from it. So what if another person makes the same choice as you do; its the freedom of it all that suggests it, begs for it, actually needs it to survive. It is a living, breathing entity of indivisuality, with many bodies, many minds, many expressions, many looks, and many styles.

I celebrate not only mine but your indivisuality; let it shine up the world and make you smile when you see another in the same thing as you. After all, its a reflection of you and your greatly smart fashion choices.

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