FNO: Fun Night Out and How to Do It Right

Friday, September 10, 2010

Its Fashion's Night Out tonight and its sure to be an eventful however way you choose to spend it. With the global shopping event making its sophomore turn this evening, retailers and the fashion world itself is pulling out all the stops to make sure fun and profit is the winning ticket this year.

With so many happenings going on, how do you work your night out? Tip #1--Plan it out. The best and most comprehensive lists I have found for Los Angeles events are at Refinery 29 and Racked. Listed there are the top events, with many of them sure to fill up fast.
This leads to Tip #2--Arrive early. The sooner you head out and hit the spots on your list, the easier it will be to get in and thru the register line and on to the next hot spot.
To help you thru, Tip #3--Dress "Shopping Appropriate" is key. Ladies should wear a tank top and leggings for easier fitting room try-ons. Guys should wear tank tops or a V-neck T shirt and briefs for the same reason. Keep the colors simple and neutral. Black is best. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a pair of boots and heels to get the full idea of how your items will look in their alternate incarnations.
With all of the party revelry  going on, make sure you follow Tip #4--Drink lots of Water and Snack, to avoid getting tipsy and falling into buyers remorse (or in LA, a DUI) from too much champagne. Believe me, the drinks will be flowing in the spirit of fun and of course, to loosen you up to open up that pocketbook. It's an old trick and it works. Tonight is also a great opportunity to check out stores you haven't had a chance to in your normal shopping behavior: Tip #5--Be Adventurous. Try and check out a few shops that haven't been on your shopping radar. This year in LA, shops in Venice's Abbot Kinney Blvd, Los Feliz/Silver Lake, and the eastern stretch of Melrose Avenue are taking part in the fun. Be adventurous and peek in, you may find that extra special something in these neighborhoods, or your new favorite store.
Most of all: Tip #6--Have Fun! Wherever you are, be safe and do have fun.

I will see you out in the Fashion Wilderness...

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