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Friday, October 12, 2012

Anne and Nancy Wilson of Heart
Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie & The Banshees 
If there ever was a match made in creative heaven it is the existential marriage that exists with music and fashion. This union is undeniable because you're dealing with two very strong creative "minds" who are both rooted in image (and movement).

The Annenberg Space for Photography
The perfectly curated exhibition on view now (which has been extend until October 21, 2012) at The Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City entitled "Who Shot Rock & Roll", takes us on a journey through musical history and its co-habitual friend "image", as seen and captured by the top photographers who have been called upon by the music industry to not only document by to image-make and expose the personal side of our favorite musical icons.

Beginning with Elvis Presley, who changed the music business by knowingly exposing the "other side" and giving a "face" to rock and roll and turning a whole new generation on to the swing and sway of not only the music but of their own personal expression (via music, and style), he did  this expertly so by enticing us through the photographic and moving image, and in one sweeping move, turning viewers into fanatics. Yet he wasn't the only one to do so; many many others followed suit and today, music and image are synonymous with each other (just like fashion and image are as well) and the most lasting and indelible music acts are those who have embraced this combination to its hilt and have left us with equally indelible impressions through the image of music.
Tina Turner

The Rolling Stones

The Police

The exhibits moves you through these ideas and more, from the image factory itself to artistic collaborations between photographer and music artist [Anton Corbijn and U2's music videos featurette, Grace Jones and Jean Paul Goude's composites of the fantastic "Island Life" album cover, or Maripol and Madonna's complete image package (fashion styling and costuming) from her early 80s oeuvre for example], to the viewpoint of the fans (an interestingly casual and emotional section, I thought), to the culmination of the exhibit, an engaging 12 minute documentary produced exclusively for the Annenberg.

"Who Shot Rock & Roll: The Film" teaser trailer (via Annenberg Space/YouTube)

Who doesn't remember perusing the record store and looking at the album cover and letting that bold, frontal image coerce you into buying the record and going on an aural journey (or in today's modern speak, doing the same thing by looking at the thumbnails of covers on Amazon or iTunes) and getting just that much closer into the mind of the recording artist? Or seeing a music video or concert film, movement and sound and image all rolled into one, and being taken on a truly visual journey?
A thoroughly enjoyable and definite don't-miss, go check out "Who Shot Rock & Roll" at the Annenberg before it closes on October 21, 2012, and as always, rock on!!

(all photos taken by me from images displayed in the center's courtyard/exterior)

**Mark Seliger, chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine (1992-2002) and whose work is  featured in the show will be speaking at the final live lecture series in conjunction with the exhibition on Thursday Oct 18, 2012. 
For more information please visit the link below.


Exhibitions: "Who Shot Rock & Roll" | The Annenberg Space for Photography


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