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Monday, January 30, 2012

As social media and the blogosphere continues to grow in more and more expansive, interesting, and co-interdependent ways, the outlets for self-expression and live blogging become more varied and available to suit any type of expression. In the past two years of producing this site, my main focus has been to create content that shares my viewpoint on the fashion and style business all while allowing access to my expertise and insight on it. In order for me to continue to open my world up to you, fair reader, I have created new outlets to show different aspects on my viewpoint.

Here at the FeelGoodGuru of Style, I have created a new companion site on Tumblr called Style Shrine, which features varied content I find stylish and utterly fabulous. Its range spans the worlds of art, fashion, entertainment, photography, music, and lifestyle. Style Shrine is the official sister site to this one, meant for quick consumption, inspiration, and fun. I'm excited to raise her up and watch her grow and I hope you will be too.

I am expanding my live blogging vehicles ( Facebook and Twitterto now include two relevant and fun fashion/lifestyle-centric applications: Pinterest and Pose.
On Pinterest, you can view my pinboards, which serve as my internet-based inspiration for creative projects I am involved in. I of course utilize real-life physical pinboards for creativity, but what draws me to Pinterest is how I can build and create my internet boards which I end up using to shape and form as an additional reference source. Plus, its very interesting to see how other Pinterest users influence and inspire each other, by way of the mechanics of the site.
On Pose, its more about documenting my own personal style and how I see the fashion I am constantly in contact with.  I find the format of Pose as a direct way to share my personal fashion choices (through the outfits/looks I wear), and the physical aspects of fashion styling (through my visual merchandising and client looks, or the goods I see while out and about in the marketplace). Pose allows me to expand my viewpoint and share with you how I interact with the fashion world, based on commerce and brands I find relevant.

I invite you to come and follow me at any or all of these outlets as content I post will enhance and evolve the core content found here in new and interesting ways.

 This site is the Heart of the FeelGoodGuru of Style experience; I Thank You for allowing me to show and share it with You and for being a part of it. I look forward to seeing you all over the World Wide (Fashion) Web...



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