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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It has taken the greater fashion-sphere to take notice of something that I have always known and that is: its better on the other side, of the gender dress code, that is. With more "mainstream" males and females co-opting articles of clothing from each other and wearing them with their own style, it was bound to become de riguer (almost) for the masses to take note and follow.
I have always loved that, through fashion, you can come to express yourself and carve out a sartorial definition of yourself, no matter how you chart the course. If you want to wear a tailored suit head-to-toe, or a prim and pretty dress with matching accessories, its all good. As long as you stay within the lines? Um, no thanks. We all have to remember that fashion is an outlet, a creative process, used for express of the craft/art and of the individual. It allows us to pick and choose and carve out our own individual display by offering us the multitude of choice. For men nowadays to wear women's clothes shouldn't be outrageous or strange, or for women to do the same thing as sexy and defiant. It should be, I feel, natural and unexpectedly expected of anyone to choose any style of dress or any item of clothing from any gender closet to express who they are.
So what if Kanye wore a woman's shirt (er, blouse)? He saw the art in it and wanted to wear it. And rock it. So what if Janelle Monae wore a tuxedo to the Grammys?? She wore it with gusto and damned well showed all of us a thing or two about tailoring. So what if Blake Lively wore a super mini pair of shorts to the Chanel Resort show in Cannes? She was wearing Chanel!
We all have choices. Pick and choose your own, and wear them because it makes you feel good, and look good, in your very own, gender-you style.


It is not the Future, it is the Now!!:
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