New Year, New Decade

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here is a great verse from George Michael's song "Waiting For That Day" that sums up this time for me:

"now everybody's talking about this new decade
like you say the magic number
then just say goodbye to
the stupid mistakes you made
oh my memory serves me far too well

don't you know that
the years will come and go
some of us will change our lives
some of us still have nothing to show
nothing baby
but memories"

It's strange to think of the past year, let alone the past decade. Time seems to keep trudging along, bringing with it much much change. In its wake, it leaves memories. It is these memories that I will think fondly of, no matter if the memory is of something difficult or painful or something happy and joyous. It is these things, these changes, this growth that helps me (and you) to do what we are really here on this planet to do: Evolve.

So to the New Year and New Decade I welcome its Evolution and wish for a Joyous, Prosperous and Happy New Year for everyone!

"look good, feel good, in style"

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