SneakerPimpz (part 2)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

So here is the 2nd installment on my dissertation on men in sneakers. Last night at East/West Lounge with Z (the both of dressed "casually" in modern tuxs), I spied this guy in, yes, u guessed it, sneakers. Running shoes. He was well-dressed: fitted black collared shirt (Dolce & Gabanna), dark str8 leg denim (Prada), and, um New Balance sneakers. YUCK.
I went up 2 him and asked him about his shoe choice, from a fashion journalistic POV. I asked, "when u got dressed 2night, what made u choose your shoes?" "was your footwear choice the first or last decision in your outfit?". He told me it was his first. He purposedly wore those shoes with his outfit. He also told me he chose them because they were "comfortable" and it was "raining" and that he didn't wanna ruin any other shoes (I of course was in Manolo Blahniks in the rain but thats ME, along with all the other Euro-esque men in boots and loafers and shoes). I asked then what he would've worn if it were dry out. He told me flip-flops. MORE YUCK. He was the ONLY guy there in sneakers, um, no running shoes. He was the only drinking beer from the bottle as well.
There u have it...but my case isn't yet laid 2 rest...


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